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    It's time! I will be selling some of the Minis I have collected over the years. Other than here and the Club's Blog I have not "advertised" the cars. Neither have I come up with prices for most of them, yet! Those that are interested might want to let me know which car(s!) they are interested in. If you haven't seen the cars you are welcome to come take a look. You can contact me at 425 226 2783 or at cheleker at aol dot com.
    o 1968 Morris Cooper S Liverpool Police Car. One of 27 made specifically for Liverpool, England, for that year
    o 1964 Angus Firefly Fire Truck Pickup. 1,600 miles. The one I own is the only one I have ever seen and only one of two I believe were built. This one was used by a hospital in England south of London.
    o 1963 Riley Elf Mk I. 32,000 miles. Chartreuse Yellow with Florentine Blue roof. One of only two I know of.
    o 1963 Riley Elf Mk II. 17,000 miles. Yukon Grey with Birch Grey roof.
    o 1967 Riley Elf Mk III. 11,000 miles. Florentine Blue with Old English White roof.
    o 1965 Wolseley Hornet, Heinz 57. Light grey convertible. One of 57 given away in 1966 in a contest by Heinz in England.

    8/02: Update

    I hope to be able to have more information available in a couple of weeks when the company finishes all the outside house work. You're still welcome to come take a look or give me a call.

    So far, only one person has come to see the cars.
    I have one Local with a slight interest in the Cop Car and one with more than slight interest in Colorado.
    There are two interested in the Mk II Elf and one for the Mk I Elf.
    The Fire Truck came close to being sold, but the buyers backed out.

    8/31: Update
    Mk I Elf and Mk II Elf have buyers.
    The Mk III Elf: one person expressed some interest, but I've heard no more.
    Angus Firefly Firetruck has three people interested. Only one local (my preference), but no agreements, yet.

    11/07: Update (Now that we can use the Forum again!)

    Sold and gone:
    Mk I Elf. Mk II Elf. Wolseley Heinz 57 Hornet. Angus Firefly Firetruck. Clubman Estate shell.
    Still available:
    1968 Liverpool Mk II Cooper S Cop Car. (One of 18 made that year). Mk III Elf.
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