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Wanted SU carb 4 bolt with 1.75" opening

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  • Wanted SU carb 4 bolt with 1.75" opening

    HI I have a new motor project and am looking for a new Carburetor to get more airflow to the engine. also in need of the associated Intake manifold.
    if anyone has these parts please contact me with cost and Location.
    best reached at (425)772-1646
    Thanks again.

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    May have found the carbs but need the intakes

    I have found the carbs but will need the intake manifold. I can use the single or twin setup as I may have found two. Hif 44s any help is great thanks


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      I have an unused MiniSpares single HIF44 intake manifold $40. Two 1 3/4" SU would work on an 1800cc or over engine or a 1500cc in full race trim. Twin 1 1/2" SUs are only occasionally used for highly tuned 1300cc Minis.

      If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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        Kelly Id love the intake that is what Im looking for. The carb I had lined up fell through so if anyone has a single serviceable hif44 to go with it please let me know thanks


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          Google search DGS Carbs in Liverpool. He rebuilds/sells HIF44 carbs for about 1/2 the dollars that Mini Mania or Seven wants for one. Have not bought o from him but they look good.