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Valve guide seals

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  • Valve guide seals

    Regarding a question bought up at the last meeting, an email reply from Keith Calver states that he uses valve guide seals at all eight locations on street engines. Just thought you would want to know.

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    There's nothing wrong with putting seals on all the guides but they have to fit properly so they don't scrape all the oil film from the valve stem.The valve stems require some small amount of lubrication.

    The link below has a pretty good explanation although it's geared toward American cars. With A-series engines we rarely change valve stem diameters so I think some of the larger variations in tolerances can be safely ignored in the article.
    Valvestem seals play a critical role in controlling valve lubricationas well as oil consumption. If the seals do not fit properly orare not installed correctly, the guides may be either...
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      Viton valve guide seals, P/N LJQ101160 are the ones that Calver recommends.