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  • mascher
    I seem to recall that large bore engine (1275) oil pumps have a different depth than small bore (850/998/1100) oil pumps so they're not interchangeable. I put several A-series small bore oil pumps in the White Elephant Sale last January so someone in the club may have one that they would be willing to part with.


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  • SteveHon
    started a topic Oil Pump

    Oil Pump

    Ready for final assembly of my engine. The oil pump I have is a slot drive for a 1275 A+ block along with a cam shaft that matches up with this pump. I am bolting this up to a 998 pre A+ block and these blocks have has three tapped holes. The pump I have currently has two hold down holes in the pump. Do I need to get a different pump or do I drill and tap an extra hole to fasten it?