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  • A couple things...

    We could use a contact page.

    A SAMOA E-mail address for those having trouble with posting to the forum and such, or just wanting to say hi. This might be a way to keep the spammers at bay but allow legit Mini enthusiasts some access. Imagine a phone number and even the, GASP!, PO box number being published!

    We could use a calendar.

    Laid out like the one on my wall, like the one we had in 2010. The old one was great because any SAMOAN could post an event and then post a link, right on the calendar, back to the forum events page.

    Don, Dixminion, Dixon

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    The World!

    Jeez Don, you sure ask for the world, don't you!
    It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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      Those Dixon's are kinda high maintenance, aren't they Carl?


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        There is now a Contact button on the home page. Post the text in this thread that you would like to see in it.

        If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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          First and certainly least our PO Box:

          Seattle Area Mini Owners Association
          PO Box 45046
          Seattle WA 98145-0046

          I'll monitor the box more often to see if there is any up-tick in activity.

          With Chuck's permission his phone and e-mail address as found on the SAMOA newsletter and yellow window card or,

          The current president's quickmini e-mail (with his permission) or,

          Give the VP something to do and post samoamembership AT as the contact e-mail or,

          Perhaps we could establish some "" addresses to publish on the contacts page.



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            Please feel free to use my address as a club contact.



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              Hmm, kind of got to wonder why Tim was up at 3:53 in the morning posting on this web sight? Was he so concerned for his fellow SAMOAns well being that he couldn't sleep?
              Either way, smashing good job your doing Tim!
              It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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                I'm always concerned for my fellow members Carl! Would you rather a call?


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                  Yeah, Tim, call if you didn't plan on the Three Lions for after the 2013 food drive event! Then I will tell you how to get there!
                  It's all part of life's rich tapestry.