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    Is your photo too big? Would you like to add it as an attachement?

    Posting Photos - IrFanView
    The following is a guide for photo resizing using IrFanView ver. 3.97 - (FREE)

    Once you have the program running, click File>Open and select the image you need to resize. The file I selected was a .jpg image, 2048 pixels wide and 1536 pixels high, with a size of 950197 bytes. WAY too large to meet the forum limit of 90000 bytes and 800wx600h.

    With the image open, click Image>Resize/Resample - the options box will include a check box for easy resizing to the two most common web-sizes, 640x480 and 800x600. Both are appropriate for the 'SAMOA forum, but note that it's frequently easier to work with 640x480 sizes. Once selected, press OK and the image has now dropped to a respectable dimension.

    Next, hit File>SaveAs - select the JPG format from the "Save as type:" dropdown box and make sure the "Show options dialog" is checked. Inside the Options dialog box, check the first item "Save as progressive JPG" and uncheck the rest of the options. Also select the Save quality...."generally" speaking, a compression of 25 will lower the filesize enough and keep the quality up there. With those options finished, and a NEW filename entered (so you don't write over the original and kill all the original quality), press SAVE.

    In this instance, the saved filesize ended up at 640x480 and 24576 bytes, WELL below the 190k max...probably could have done a compression of 10 and still ended up with a better image quality and still under the image limits.

    Hope this helps a few people in their quest for photo uploading
    It can make commuting the best part of the day if you do it right. -mascher