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Potential Lolo Pass/Going to the Sun Highway Drive

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  • Potential Lolo Pass/Going to the Sun Highway Drive

    Here is an early heads up on a potential event.

    The Calgary MG Car Club is considering an exciting event for later this summer. They write:
    "Ken Peake is in the preparation stages of putting together a Mid to late August or early September drive to Highway to the Sun for 5 Days and possibly a 7 day run to the lolopass."

    If any intrepid SAMOAns are interested, now would be a good time to contact the events coordinator Al Taylor at:
    and let them know of your interest. I'm guessing that they'd like an early idea of how many people would like to go in order to help them plan and decide whether to put together the event at all.

    See the Calgary MG Car Club website:
    for more information about the group
    Jerry C
    "You drive...I think there's something wrong with me"

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    If there is any way to get loose and take the drive through Lolo Pass, do it. It's spectacular.


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      I hope the Calgary MGs don't plan on turning around at Lolo Pass. The best part of the drive is on the west side.

      The Going to the Sun Road is a heck of a cruise, too.


      "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." -- George Harrison


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        Did Lolo Pass on the way to MMMinisoda 2009..... At night....pulling a trailer, dodging several elk. wasn't that much fun. Daytime in a mini sounds WAY better!
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