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Default 1970 Oz Morris Mini Cooper S 1275, $12,000

Hello again,
As mentioned in my old ad for the '66, I decided to sell the '70. Here is the text from my minimania.com ad. I believe this to be a terrific value for someone out there, and hope to affect a quick sale. All the best, and let me know if I can answer any questions. Gunnar has seen this car as well, and may be willing to chat with you about it. I will try to get photos up on photobucket in the near future. Thanks, Ben McCafferty 206-842-4278
Hi there, I'm selling my 1970 cooper S. It is Australian origin, right hand drive, hydrolastic, and I can go through a whole laundry list of things with you that prove it is genuine and a matched number car (engine, chassis, body number).

I bought this car last fall with the intention of doing full restoration on it, but now need to get out of the project (while continuing my '66 cooper S), which is why I'm trying to price it fairly aggressively. My loss, your gain, as the saying goes.

This car is in remarkable overall condition--it still has original seats, headliner and door cards, and the interior paint is original. The exterior was originally monotone tamarisk green, and by sanding a small test section on the roof, I have ascertained that the car was painted red at some point, and then back to tamarisk green with the addition of the crystal white roof. The original paint and finish stickers are still present on the firewall and under the rear seat!

This is an Australian origin car, which means it has two numbers assigned--a body number and a chassis number. These also are in the correct locations and in the right ranges for the year, as well as the right spread for a monotone car vs. a two-tone car. The engine number on Aussie minis was stamped into the block, and that matches as well. You may notice also in the photo that the car has roll-up windows, fender flares, mustache grille, bumper corner bars, and (not visible) small taillights. These are all correct for an Australian MK2 cooper S, which makes them very desirable in terms of collecting.

Presently the interior is out of the car, and the following things will need attention to put it back on the road: carpet, new rubber for window/door/bonnet/boot, re-paint the roof (to cover the test spot) and re-paint the hood because it has a spot where the most recent paint bubbled. Tires have ample tread, but are old and you'll want to replace them before taking any serious trips. The photo shown here is obviously taken with the interior in, but everything else is exactly as on the car today.

In terms of rust, overall the car is very solid and rust-free. The one exception to this comes on the left front. There is a hole through the left front floor pan about 1/2" in diameter, and then surface rust on the left sill from the fender extending rearwards. This area is perfect on the right, so it's almost like the car sat parked on a left-facing slope and water stayed under the trim and in the footwell there. There is also light surface rust on the seams at the rear where the fenders meet up to the front. I have had the fuel tanks out, and there is no penetration of this rust to the interior. Let me be clear--this is NOT a typical mini rust case--but I want to let you know exactly what you're looking at.

Lastly, at some point the car had a minor front end collison, and there is some evidence of body work (bondo) on the front end. I say "minor" because I believe the original panels were preserved--I believe this because the number plate brackets on the Australian coopers were different to the UK ones, and the originals are not available any longer. The nose panel on this car has the original (correct) brackets.

I will sell the car as-is to someone, or I will be happy to put the interior back in before delivery. The items mentioned above (rubber, carpet, etc.) will be at your expense, but my labor will be free. If the car doesn't sell soon, I will be putting it all back together and having the paintwork done before relisting at a slightly higher price.

If you're looking for a full restoration, this car is an excellent starting point. If you want to just get driving, this car is excellent for that also.

Thanks for looking, and please call or email with any questions or if I can assist in any way. I have a zillion photos of every square inch of the car, and will be happy to send them your way.


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